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Fate of preempted shows on Monday Night TV What is going to happen to the shows being preempted by Monday night's Cowboy football game. Are They going to be shown at a later time or date of will they just be ...
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Military service in the Middle East.

I have received a number of questions about military service in the Middle East. Let's open the discussion in detail so that all who want to go there, can. 1. Contact your local ...
  Posted 9 days ago .


Consolidation of Credit Card debts and damage to property that my ex-fiance caused.

I am trying to consolidate my debts and damaged property caused by my ex-fiance. As always doubt I will receive an answer of genuine value, if I receive a response at all. Hoping ...
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N. C. State Military Retirement

Can anyone tell me if an army reservist is entitle to a retirement pension from the state of N.C at the age of 60 with 20 years of service? I'm not talking about the regular ...
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Ever had to go here for military records . would assume there would have been awarenes if not in the military : veteran;

History: Administrative functions in the War Department delegated to an officer known as the Adjutant and Inspector, 1792-1813. Adjutant General's Department established by an act ...
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