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The 1937 murder of 4 y.O. Joan kubela by simon elmore on staten island

info on 1937 murder of joan kubela, 4 y.o. by simon elmore in staten island , ny

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I came across an article in the dailynews and concerning a story within the article about a crime committed in 1937 concerning a 4yearsold girl who had been repotedly staying with relatives in staten island because her mom was sick in NYC . From what I gather in this article the info , the facts that are given are bit sketchy and the whole thing seemed a bit fishy to me. From the information given in the newspaper article it does not convince me that Simon Elmore is guilty of the crime he was accused of. It seems many things have gone un answered. These are the questions i would like to have answered 1. It says that Joan lived with her parents and her Mom was sick ( why couldnt the father have watched the child?) 2. how long was joan the little girl staying with her aunt? 3. it mentions that before girl disappeared that she was with older cousins by the boardwalk where her socks and shoes were found. ( Were the cousins questioned about the younger cousin and if so what was the outcome ? how old were the cousins , what were there names? Why were the lil girls socks and shoes found under the boardwalk where the children were playing and her body was found somewhere else? 4. did simon Elmore frequent the beach? Could it be that william hanlon was lying about not finding the body? Who were the witnesses that stepped up and said they witnessed a man that looked like Elmore walking with a young girl , did they step up before the find or after the find? In the so called 24 hours of questioning , was a confession coerced from elmore? What was his wifes testimony? He claims he was with his wife the day she went missing? what about William Hann it is said that he was fishing when Elmore found the body , Did william Hann fish there often? Could it be that Hann denied finding the body because he did not want suspicion cast upon himself or could it be he denied finding the body because he was somewhat involved ? Could it be that energy that was focused on the finders of the body could have cast then away from the truth of what really had occured or perhaps cast them away from a full investigation? How vigourously were the cousins interrogated? What about the childs aunt Grace Lesandi ,was she an upstanding person of the community ) which if so could have prevented an investigation into her own children who were the ones last reported to be with joan before her disappearance. Why did the cousins return home without there baby cousin who was only 4 years old? How old were they , were they boys or girls? Did they know of the beach shack that there cousin was found ? was it somewhere they went to play ? Do they know the truth of what happened to there cousin? In the 2 trials did the cousins take the stand? There are so many many many questions that I have concerning this incident in time . my gut tells me that perhaps the older cousins may know a lil more then the world knows or knew then and perhaps as many things are suppressed in the years of a child perhaps what occured that day in 1937 had been suppressed in the soul of a child or children . I wonder if there is any way possible to find the absolute truth after so long in this case as well as others that have evaded the earthly truth .

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