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What is 15% off $89.99?

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$13.49.85.. 13.50


$13.48 (omitting secondary decimals)

Just another (keyboard) pecker

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How do they get an 89 octane (E-5) fuel by mixing 100% 87 octane

E10 is usually a few octane points higher than regular.

GE vacuum breaker 15 KV, VBH 13.8-1500, rated anp 3500

This component is fairly common at substations and independent power generation facilities. The vacuum chamber increases the life of the contacts remarkably although NEC requires a monthly check of vacuum and test cycle where the continuous load exceeds 70% of rated.

Is 8/9C pm or am?

A prime-time TV show would be evening in the US. If it says 9/8C that usually means 9 pm Eastern time, 8 pm Central time. Shows may be aired in California at 9pm, 3 hours later than they are shown in Eastern or Central time. 9pm Eastern Daylight time would be 7 hours later in Romania, 4 am ...

What guess stars are appearing in Atlantic this weekend 2/15,16,2014

Bubba, if you leave the goats on the back of the truck then you are welcome. Can't have them messing up the place.