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hi.Im 14 and lately ive been so depressed i did a test and they say i have major depression and major anxiety. my life has changed greatly no matter how happy i am i know that i will start crying ...

Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear you feel this way. If your mom won't take you to a psychologist, ask her to make an appointment for you to have a checkup with your family doctor and then tell your family doctor just what you said here. Your doctor should be able to talk to your mom and convince her to get you some help. 

If that doesn't work or your mom won't take you to the doctor, tell an adult at school or tell another family member like your dad or a grandparent. Tell an adult and keep telling until you get someone to listen.

And then you can try this place too, ok?


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thank u very much. But the problem is my mom is a doctor herself, she just thinks what Im saying is stupid or some type of swing mood but I know its serious.  Are you a psychologist? If you are can you help me? I will also check the website. Thank you..

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