13 days embryo transfer any syptom


hi there i am 13 days embryo transfer. i take progestron shot twice a day .i donot feel any syptom of prenancy . so tell me if there any one is like me out there.ET transfer was on monday the 18th and my blood work is on the 6th april. i am so afraid to face that test on monday.please guys keep me in your prayers.help if you can.rb3

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I went through three years of fertility treatments (1996 through 1999).  Started with clomid and IUIs and what finally conceived my first child was IVF/ICSI.  With that cycle (my daughter is now 9 years old) I remember I was slightly hyperstimulated, so I had some pain in my ovaries, but I had no symptoms of pregnancy, usually I don't until around 4 or 5 weeks.  (fatigue, breast swelling, little cramping like the beginning of your period)........I will say prayers for you...How long have you been going through fertility treatments?

i have two beautyful girls .iam doing ivf for a one boy just for family balancing.because in indian culture still boy is big deal.ivf cycle is not fun as much regular pregnancy.so much going on i just can't  take it any more .people like you lots off help.thankyou very much.

hey gucci28...i know it's been 3 months ago since you post this topic, I'm just wondering how did it go? how was the blood work? I hope it was great.  I'm on my 13th day embryo transfer too and not feeling any symptoms.  My blood work will be on Tuesday... so scared... this is my second IVF, the first one failed.  Good luck to everyone.


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