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I was hospitalized for a month after having a new baby girl, and during that time my 11-year-old son, who was looked after by his stepdad (my husband), started getting into trouble at school. Now ...

First, hug him 3X a day. 2nd, S M I L E.

Sons react to Moms' facial expressions first. Is he mirroring your reactions to adventure of parenting after 11 years?

Sibling rivalry is REAL, and a little girl may not have been his idea of fair competition.

Tell him how important a big brother is to his little sister for LIFE. Son is a VIP. He just grew 2 inches!

Thank him for being patient, staying busy while you work w/ baby. Praise,acknowledge,thank,and cook for your son.He needs brownies,cookies to say "normal", if at all possible. Fill kitchen w/ good sensory experience for him.

Let him know you are taking the experience one day @ a time, and he should too.

It is a BIG event for everyone in your household. It wears people out.

Can you get a one-on-one tutor for him w/ school? A high school student to mentor,buddy and give him special attention? You can't do it all w/ 2 kids. Did anyone prepare you for this? Normal.

Be patient, be kind to both men in your life. :) Temporary adjustments. Takes 1-2 years for your hormones to adjust to normal, and theirs too.

Congrats! Dr. Souffle







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