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10 years Later .Thoughts on 9/11 I still remember that day like it was yesterday .Reflection time

If you lost your hope and decency and your dignity on 9/11 then they weren't very strong to start with.  Nobody can take those things from you unless you let them, and as I see it, America is still strong and proud and united.  You don't think we have much to lose??  You couldn't be more wrong.  You may have rolled over, belly up, but most of us have not and will not . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ever.

~ "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." Buddha ~ S.N.O.T.S., Inc. ~ ~
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~American~~Patriot~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

thanks Skitch .I notice that the spamming of the question have gone .....Good work...

Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Only Muslims say what Skitch said. 


That is cause they are up to their eyes with hate and will do anyone as much violence as they can.  Then they pop themselves to get past the law.  That proves Muslims like Skitch are pure evil all the way thru.  They are so hateful they will kill themselves to show how much hate is in 'em.


Anybody that is up to their eyes in hate and then proves it like Skitch just did is a Muslim for sure and will do your family lots of harm.


If you really are a biker, Harley Spirit, then your wimpy, "I've lost everything" attitude is embarrassing.  Man up, already!  I think my words hit home.  Perhaps you had no hope, dignity or decency to begin with and want to blame 9/11 for your lack of character.  Some of us don't let anything get in our way or stop us from being sound, strong Americans.  Your weakness, Mikey, is pathetic.


AP, the ads for Ashly Madison, American Friend Finder and the ads for sites promising affairs with cheating spouses are all still there.  SundanceChannel.com, which I originally thought was the official Sundance Film Festival site is actually a site for sexually explicit videos.  I'll forward questions to you as I find them.  They have until 10/11 to get rid of that stuff or I am walking.  I doubt if they will, though.  They are now paying customers with signed contracts.  Aol has decided to become the lead sleaze organization of the year, I guess.  Even their news stories are all about sex and garbage like that.  It's sad what they are doing for a buck.  Like they didn't have enough money already, right??

Anonymous Comment

 Hi  Harley Spirit I knew a Harley Spirit  he lived a couple streets over from me on primrose lane, he hated  Muslim's also. Just curious, are you related to him?He rode a Harley and worked on tractors , real interesting but a strange man ,he had many personalities and although they had different names what was strange was they were all the same.  He died a few months back  vacationing in Japan, the radiation got him .   Do you ride a Harley and work on tractors?

Anonymous Comment

The humiliating discredit of Islam is further proof of their cult's wanton depravity, the falsity of their bible the Koran, and their insane demands for totalitarian power in the name of genocidal rage.  That is an unkind thing to say but Muslims prove that these mindless bigots are unforgivable and shall all burn in hell.


Since that proves that Islam is every bit as evil as all its reprobate and apostate practitioners, then we see why hell exists at all: it will be full of Muslims because only Muslims deserve it.

Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Skitch, listen up rodent.  I been patient with you Muslim infidels long enough.  You blew it time and again and that is all you are gonna blow it, stupid.


Muslims are not the brightest so they are all on our welfare and working full time selling illegal drugs to little kids.  That is how they get trillions a year to fund terrorism.  That proves how corrupt you people are all the way through and that is all of you sleaze buckets.


Looks to me like you slapped us in the face on 9-11 and we sent you to the deck with a good hard fist like real men do it.  That is why Iraq has voting rights now and that means your religion is on the way out.


Who took the first lap?  Islam.  Who won the race hands down?  We did!  That just proves who is better.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Here's one for Skitch.  She keeps saying how all non-Muslims are corrupt, but here are things Muslims all do on their Hajj.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Arab people are weird.  They will string up sixteen year old girls for riding unaccompanied in a car with their male cousins back from a Mosque, but then, they put this on the web and it is official Muslim!  That includes verses from their Qu'ran!


I sure am going to miss you, Mikey.  All 35 or so of you.  Take care of yourself and be well.  After three years of offering friendship, that offer is gone when I leave the site on 10/11/11.  I hope you finally find peace, Mikey.  I hope you find peace and happiness.

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