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100 year anniversary symbol

What is the symbol for a 100 year anniversary?  ie 25 year is silver, 50 year is gold, 75 year is diamond, etc.

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Assuming that a couple gets married when they are at their 20's, in order to celebrate their 100 anniversary both have to be over 120.... and that is very very unlikely to happend....  The probability for a person to reach 120 is (rough estimation) 0.00001% (one out of 10 million) so the probability for both to do it is 0.0000000001% ...... not enough people in the world to have 1 couple to have a chance to reach it..... Sad, but those are facts of life....
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Anniversaries aren't just for marriage, though. Companies, nations, organizations all can get to 100 and beyond... It would seem to make sense to have a symbol that recognizes a century...

Sterling Silver "The Rose Is A Symbol Of Love That Never Ends"

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