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How much is 100 mills of gold worth?

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It has about $2 to $3 worth of gold plating on it.  My guess is most of the 100 mills gold bars for sale on Ebay came from here:  http://www.cmcmint.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=23_25

STOP OVERPAYING FOR THESE THINGS PEOPLE!  You are getting ripped off big time as the sellers only paid at most about $6.00 a piece for them.  Don't believe me? Try to sell one to a coin dealer or jeweler and watch them laugh at you.

I'm going to assume your asking about the maple leaf and buffalo 100 mills gold bars that are all over Ebay lately.  They have about $2 to $3 dollars worth of gold plating on them.  I would bet most of the resellers are getting them here, $150 for 25 bars:


Many people are overpaying for these by ridiculous amounts because they don't really know what they're buying.  It's going to suck for them when they try to resell the bars later.

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