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Answered: Can you sell rx medication?

Rx medication is sold only if you have prescription available Check out this website to buy RX at

Answered: Why dont they put potassium in multi vitamins

Potassium is very reactive it is not sold in market, unless and until you have prescription you will not get potassium.

Answered: Drinking Water

Drinking more amount of water in morning help to release bowels and other garbage stuff from the body and makes body clean. This will help in weightloss otherwise check out here if you didn't find any ...

Answered: Is there too much fluoride in our water?

We get good water that I am 100% correct

Answered: Can a doctor determine how long someone has had ...

I dont think so a doctor can determine strep thrat

Answered: Why do i fall asleep at any time no matter how ...

There might be some deficiency in your body. Try looking out some medication from here

Answered: I'm tired being circumcised so very tight

Even I am circumcised and having no problem. Consult your doctor for that.

Commented: About christie's answer

Yes it can cause, so if the pain is more ask your doctor to conduct pelvic test to sort out if any serious problem exist.

Answered: Vitamin C

Too much vitamin C increases the chances of kidney stone . It will also show some side effects. Better take in limit. Try buying here

Commented: About Samantha's answer

Thanks samantha you right but people who dont go to toilet often can get a kidney stone. You can check here for medication at or else consult a doctor for better treatment.

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