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Answered: Depression

Ray, u need sessions of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Answered: Bad Indirect Speech and Sexual harassment

Mr Mohan J i read all and i think u r facing anxiety problem.u need therapy to overcome this problem . if u need more information/help contact me on skype at 10 o clock night pakistand standrd time ...

Answered: I am a 16 year old girl with anorexia, I want ...

there are so many causes of anorexia nervosa . without getting history exact advise is not possible. however u r much younger so hypnotherapy can become much effective for u r advise that visit ...

Answered: How do i stop feeling dead inside?

if u feel fear of death then accept that death is reality and nobody can run from this realty

Commented: About zafar's answer

yes u r right it is my mistake that i wrote wong. it is hz not mhz howerver music effect on brain waves thats why music therapy is method of treatment in psychological disorders

Answered: How does certain types of music affect the ...

basically music effects on brain waves.these brain waves have frequancies which measures in music can change brain waves frequancies thats why human behaviour/state of mind change during ...

Asked: Need help about medication

One of my friend?s sister diagnosed bipolar disorder by the Doctors. The Doctors suggested medications, respodrene, kempro, revotril and neurolithSR to control her aggressive behavior. She started ...


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