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Answered: Heater blows hot air but no out the bottom vents ...

cant remember if that system is vacuum operated but check to see if you have vacuum to your control switch and check under hood and make sure vacuum reserve tank hose isnt cracked or fallen off

Answered: What is the ohms on my key on a 1992 buick ...

I believe there are 14 different ohms on the pass key set up. if your having problems with it, the easiest fix is to leave the key and tumbler alone as long as the mechanical aspect of it works ok and ...

Answered: Where to mark distributor befroe removal 1990 ...

you can just mark it where the rotor points. the vehicle will still need to be timed afterwards. alot of times when re-installing the distributor it wolnt go back in all the way because the oil ...

Answered: I have a 98 4.6 in a f150 the truck runs roughf ...

did the check engine light ever come on? you changed all the coils? did you clean the injectors?

Answered: How?

im assuming you mean a connecting rod. if it threw the rod through the block its a blown engine, if not and only knocks pull engine, disassemble, change rod. Its faster to install a new rebuilt ...

Answered: Would YOU Like to Drive the Bat Mobile?

Elden, why didnt you say check google, like you do for every other answer you give on here?

Answered: Where do i find the o2SENSOR ON MY 2000 MONTE ...

you may have 3 or 4 of them. they are all located in the exhaust. first you need to know which one is bad.

Answered: How to repair heater control switch

did it ever dawn on you to provide a little more info? maybe a year, make and model vehicle. were not mind readers here

Answered: Why does

all 4 wheels have psi sensors in them to let you know if a tire is losing air. 1 of them is going bad, take it to a shop and have them look into it

Answered: PT Cruiser Timing

if you verified the timing marks are correct, you may have bent the valves. best bet is to put #1 cylinder on TDC line up camshaft in correct position and do a leak down check, which is putting air ...


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