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Answered: How to fix trouble codes poo38 on a 2005 dodge ...

replace the o2 sensor at fault, the heater is breaking down causing the code

Answered: Error code po240 what is the problem lincon ...

Po240 is an o2 sensor code, find out which one and replace it. should not be a $700 repair.

Answered: Ac systems

1994 toyota was the first to switch completely over, everyone else was soon after

Answered: What does light saying losing engine power on my ...

i would bring it to a shop and have them look for trouble codes and go from there

Answered: How to remove distributor cap with high energy ...

remove the wiring to the cap, with a flat head screw driver remove 4 hold down screws, they are just 1/4 turn lock down screws. Cap will come off with coil inside it. you will have 4- 5.5mm or 1/4inch ...

Answered: What causes my ford tarus temperture to go way up ...

low coolant level will do this too, check thermostat and coolant level.

Answered: Dodge ramcharger leaks oil back of motor

could be any # of things, rear seal, oil pan, upper valve cover, best thing to do is put in a UV dye and use a black light.

Answered: A rubbing sound happening when i get off of the ...

if its a moaning noise its the bearings in the rear end, common problem. off and on changing the pitch is usually the pinion bearings. rear end needs bearing overhaul if thats the problem. easily a ...

Answered: Why does my oil light blink when coming to a stop ...

worry about it! even if your full on oil. best thing to do is install a manual gauge. maybe a oil switch but could be bearings going bad too


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