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Answered: Does the new message board seem like the wild west ...

What new message board? This ain't no stinkin' message board.

Answered: What is an alternative to the Political ...

Hey NoBama Ever, did you miss me sweets? LMFAO!!!!!

Answered: Jet Blue pilot that went berserk at 30,000 feet ...

The AOL message boards were closed down due to the filthy lying republicans.

Answered: Why is AOL still using this stupid format

DvDud1001 Answered: Hey, some of these morons think that AOL answers is just great! But you know what they say about the retarded...they're easily amused. I just checked and AOL ...

Answered: Andrew Breitbart died suddenly last night, I ...

Good riddance to that republican filth.

Answered: Hi very one !

Hi very one !.......Huh? You're Drunk!

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