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Distrust that government that will not trust you.
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Laid-off music teacher.  Thanks a heap, Obama. 

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Answered: High Priest

Before the foundation of the Universe, and the absolute discredit of atheism.

Answered: How can i find someone who has been placed in a ...

Once a minor has been made a ward of the court, parents have lost custody and are out of the picture completely. They are usually under a restraining order against them ever contacting the minor ...

Answered: Who has

It is on Amazon.com thus: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BLKDIG/ref=dm_dp_trk1/186-8855591-5982236

Commented: About John Wilson's answer

John, there is only one idiot on AOL Answers. She goes by dfrogpong, has pirated the screen ID of all rational posters, and has proved that all leftists are imbeciles. Do not concern yourself ...

Commented: About John Wilson's answer

John, there is only one idiot on AOL Answers. She posts with at least 200 screen names, all intensely racist, fanatically anti-theist, and absolutely terrified. Only leftists become paranoids ...

Answered: The ACTUAL end of Rocmike3. Our beloved ...

Alas, bitter and boring leftists are just not up to minumums, are they? Is that why substandard atheists only support substandard leftist "causes?" I'm not sure that it matters, but of course ...

Commented: About Dave Palmer's answer

Alas, uneducated atheists. They are so ignorant and bitter that they must always resort to hate games to force atheism on others. Atheists fail because they are not very bright, but that is only ...

Commented: About Dave Palmer's answer

Let's start with compulsive liars, such as the liar dfrogpong -- who pirated my screen ID. Since leftists are by definition compulsive liars and are so bitter that they will resort to dirty tricks to ...

Answered: When I come upon a fork, which path do I take ...

Faith will guide you. Without faith to make the Scriptures understandable, you might as well keep the Bible closed. If you lack faith, pray, and God will give you faith.

Commented: About Mike Dudley's answer

Mike Dudley, I wouldnt worry about dfrogpong trying to pirate your screen name. She does that to everyone, thinking that her games might be amusing to the illiterate leftist pre-teen crowd. These ...



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"Your surely one of the best on Yedda and sorry about your job loss. Sure you will make it no matter what the odds. Lady Darko"
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"I had no idea that you wre a Juliard graduate! Congratulations!"