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Asked: Are you still single or not?

are you still single or not?

Answered: Are you married?

Me, married? why don't you check me online if im already married or not! Try to Marriage Public Records and you will find out! ;-) thanks

Answered: Is it wrong

well for me age doesn't matter as long as you both have respects and love each other i didn't see anything wrong.

Answered: many marriages did Ms.Caron have ...

hi, i know you little bit confused you can simply check his marital status on Marriage Public Records and then see for yourself that this person you looking for is already married. Best of luck ...

Answered: Why is my 13 y/o angry about my new baby?

I personally admitted that its really sad that your son don't like the new baby, But you have to advice him that it is his own brother, he got jealous with coming baby so don't punished him try to ...

Answered: Working mom, moms, working, business mom

Mom and a working mom.. but whatever you do just keep on mind always bonding with family. Family first before anything else!

Answered: Please help i really need some answers and advice

She just telling you that because both of you 16 years of age. I dont see anything wrong to your mom just hepling you out of the problems, maybe she has a great plan for you, or maybe she want you to ...

Answered: Why send my child to a catholic school?

good for your child.. Catholic's is more religious for me cause i am a good catholic person.


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