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Answered: I'm n serious trouble.... i had a friend... He ...

Stay out of the problem then frankly speak to your best friend that you dont like that kind of situation it's better loosing a friendship that to commit a suicide relationship.

Answered: Blushing Probelm!!

Ignore him or don't talk to him so that no more blushing. Anyway It's normal feelings so don't worry

Answered: Is she married now? Im looking for an old friend ...

Hello there, you can check your friend on Public Marriage Records and check if she married. Good luck!

Answered: Is it wrong

well for me age doesn't matter as long as you both have respects and love each other i didn't see anything wrong.

Answered: many marriages did Ms.Caron have ...

hi, i know you little bit confused you can simply check his marital status on Marriage Public Records and then see for yourself that this person you looking for is already married. Best of luck ...


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