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William Jervis, MD of Walnut Creek, CA is a Board-Certified Bay Area Plastic Surgeon.  Surgeon who invests in the newest, state-of-the-art, as well as traditional technologies for reliably achieving superb outcomes such as Vaser and Laser liposuction, Coleman System for fat reinjection, endotine system for brow lifts and Rhytec Portrait Plasma for skin rejuvenation.  

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Answered: I need a good plastic surgeon!

Look for a board certified doctor at sites such as: Ask friends and family, word of mouth is a great way ...

Commented: About tina's answer

First, do your home work. Most people spend more time picking out a new car than they do choosing a Doctor. Research your procedure and consult with at least 3 plastic surgeons. Is the Dr board ...

Answered: What does the term lipo mean?

Lipo can be an abbreviation to liposuction . A fabulous tool for unwanted fat removal .

Asked: Does how you look affect how you feel?

Does how you look affect your mood? Your confidence?

Asked: Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

Now that silicone breast implants are FDA approved, would you feel comfortable with the gels or saline filled implants ?

Answered: Plastic surgery

Prices vary depending on where you're having the surgery and what type of procedure you're interested in. Find links thru reputable cosmetic surgeon sites like the ASPS for qualified doctors that ...

Answered: Tummy tuck or something better

Depending on skin, you may only need a bit of liposuction . If there's not too much laxity or strech marks, lipo or even LifeSculpt (that tightens the skin along with fat removal) may be all you ...

Answered: Evolence filler

We loved Evollence but sadly, Johnson and Johnson pulled the product off the market (they didn't want to be in the cosmetic field). Luckily, there are a lot of other great fillers available to plump ...

Answered: Can I smoke onle 1 or 2 cigarretes a day before ...

Smoking inhibits oxygen to the skin which slows healing (not to mention possible respiratory issues). Chances for problems increase so altho it's certainly difficult to stop smoking, it's the best ...

Answered: I'm considering plastic surgery. What kinds of ...

ASPS is a great site to questions, Dr qualifications, etc. Good for you to do your homework. Sadly, they say that a person spends more time picking out a new car than they do choosing a Doctor ...

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