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Asked: MP's Expenses

Are Reading's MPs value for money?

Answered: My golden was bred 6 weeks ago, she has gained ...

Uncontrolled peeing isn't a common sign of pregnancy among dogs. The need to be taken care of more, sounds more like a pregnancy symptom, but not necessarily. Take her to the vet for an ultrasound ...

Asked: Eliot Spitzer

Doesn't Eliot Spitzer has the right to go to a prostitute, like any other American Citizen? What could be the implications of this story on his political career?

Asked: Sunscreen SPF and Skin cancer

What is the minimum sunscreen SPF number I should use in order to protect myself from skin cancer?

Answered: Question About Web 2.0 Multimedia Sites

5 minutes is a very nice platform, that contains How-to videos on various subjects.

Answered: Whenever I am gone my dog chews up everything ...

I didn't mention how old is your dog. If he is still a puppy I would consider it a normal and expected behavior. Otherwise your dog is just bored or frustrated. Try changing his toys more often. I ...

Asked: Scholarly papers on User Generated Content

I'm looking for scholarly, peer reviewed papers, that provide an introduction to the world of user generated content on the internet. Any suggestions?

Answered: Dog Popping Balloons

Dogs behavior is all about learning and conditioning. Once the dog had learn, that popping a balloon doesn't have any harmful results, but rather fun (the balloon disappear), he is not disturbed by ...

Answered: "stop dealing in absolutes"

There's no "hidden" meaning to that phrase. It usually means that one should stop seeing the world or a certain issue, as black or white. For example, if you don't support Obama for presidency, than ...

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