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I'm Jessie, been browsing around Yedda for a while and decided to become a member. I love helping others and socializing in all forms. Going through a hard divorce right now and trying to stay positive the best I can.

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Answered: Anti-slip floor treatment?

Lot’s of hardwood floors and the kitchen, bathrooms, and main hallway are all ceramic tile.

Asked: Anti-slip floor treatment?

Can anyone suggest an anti-slip floor treatment to me? The floors in my house are going to kill me if I don’t do something about it! Lol.

Answered: Walking Farts

Eating foods that will make you pass gas

Answered: Can You Live on Pizza?

No, you can't be healthy just eating pizza!

Answered: Radiation exposure

That is a hard toss up. I would guess it would depend how much you go to the tanning bed and how many xrays you've had in your life.

Answered: Seniors Forgetting

None really, it's just apart of the aging process.

Answered: Where is 2810 creasy lane lafayette, ind

I don't know, I just know that's where Axl Rose is from.

Answered: How to reheat Maggiano's Baked Ziti ?

You can probably just pop it into the oven again for a few minutes.

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