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I am a musician, contractor and I study world affairs and past history and present history.  I'm extremely involved with the Middle East situation and I am very much studied in this region, particularly Israel and the surrounding countries, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the Greater middle East as well. Iran concerns me pertaining to their threats to Israel and their history concerning modern events.  I am easygoing, but I become angry with the Anti Israeli rhetoric that is spewed amongst the European, middle east and even the U.S. .  I welcome all discussion on these subjects and I believe I can bring a lot of insight to the situation at hand.

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Asked: Israel: The real Story: I as many in the ...

Israel: The real Story: I as many in the past 30 years have been keeping up with the events of Israel and the Region. In the time spent analyzing and witnessing world opinion shifts toward the ...

Asked: Be very glad that there is a Yedda to voice ...

Be very glad that there is a Yedda to voice your opinion! Most sights either refuse to post your opinion or there's a mysterious glitch. Be glad that we have a forum and enjoy while we can! Peace ...

Asked: Israel is being tested by the world vis a vis ...

Israel is being tested by the world vis a vis these "flotillas". It has been tried before, but Obama is the president now. This is a smoke screen to Take attention away from Lebanon and Hezbollah ...

Asked: Let's talk about the Middle East, it is the the ...

There doesn't seem to be many people on Yedda that either know about the midddle East or want to speak about it. Israel and the Middle East are Major issues in the world today and yet, I find no ...

Asked: Tell Me you Love Him

I read a lot of questions about God, Jesus,the Bible, etc. , but they are mostly nonsensical. And I don't mean that if someone has a question and they want to know what a word means or wants to know ...

Asked: Oh the changes are coming! Israel is under siege ...

Does Anyone want to talk about the situation in Israel now? Oh many things are happening and change is coming fast. Our Saviour is so near to us in this world but soon to the whole world. Glory to ...

Asked: The Obama administration has gone to far this ...

The Obama administration has gone to far this time! The nation of Israel has a nuclear facilty in Dimona, Israel in the south of the nation. A couple of years ago Ehud Barak agreed to let 350 ...

Asked: Time to make a stand for what is right

Will you support Israel against the vitriol that is coming from the White House in Washington from the Obama administration and stand up to political sabotage of Israel. This is a serious matter. We ...




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