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I am a musician, contractor and I study world affairs and past history and present history.  I'm extremely involved with the Middle East situation and I am very much studied in this region, particularly Israel and the surrounding countries, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the Greater middle East as well. Iran concerns me pertaining to their threats to Israel and their history concerning modern events.  I am easygoing, but I become angry with the Anti Israeli rhetoric that is spewed amongst the European, middle east and even the U.S. .  I welcome all discussion on these subjects and I believe I can bring a lot of insight to the situation at hand.

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Answered: Is hummus a terrorist weapon?

There are many people, including our own government that are anti-Israeli. The fact that these people want to sell only their product that supports Hamas and hezbollah just shows how out of control ...

Answered: How do i login? it keeps saying "your signing ...

Make sure you type in the correct email address, password and look at it t make sure you have typed them in correctly

Answered: Born again christian churches in Southern ...

We are born from the Spirit of the living God. Read; john 3;16-17 and listen to what he tells Nicodemus

Answered: How many casualties did Egypt and Syria have in ...

It is hard to get the actual numbers since the Arabs will deny actual casualties and israel would have a more accurate account during the war. I know that several thousand were involved from the ...

Answered: What differences in Mark Luke and Matt attribute ...

Give your examples and I'll answer them one by one.

Answered: Does Obama care for the our soldiers?

I think Obama cares for Obama. Period. Talk about your vanity of vanities.

Answered: What did Jesus tell the apostles would be a sign ...

Read Matthew 24 chapter for starters. Then , maybe read a little more There are a lot of answers in the Bible, learn them. By the way, one of the signs is when the Jews regain their land, which ...

Answered: Resurrection

Jesus said Follow me. He meant it.

Answered: Source of God’s Power & Wisdom

For one thing, He didn't die. He returned to Heaven where He waits until His second coming. And if you need proof of the power of God, only God can show you His Power and great Glory and tender ...




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