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Answered: Can u be pregnant with twins but they were ...

Yes. twins can be conceived at different times, a week apart or like OronD said months apart which is very, very rare. I would think a lot of twins were not conceived at the same time. halfbloodhawk ...

Answered: 11 year old has feelings for two girls wat to do

hey louis ... here's an answer from a girl. be fair and tell both girls you like some other girl. Then just be friends with both of them, no kissing or anything. Spend some time with each girl and ...

Answered: God creates faulty bunch???

You're welcome, Eddyeddie. I got confused reading your post, too. I think I took notes to write my last reply. After-thought: If one doesn't believe in reincarnation, your question hasn't been ...

Answered: God creates faulty bunch???

Hi Eddyeddie, I think I was the first to reply to your original question. Seems like the conversation got off course, thanks to CarolT. HoosierHelen - I agree with your interpretation of Karma; I ...

Answered: Which helps the development of listening ...

musesickman - the question was about listening in a foreign language, with or without subtitles. It said nothing about listening in your native language.

Answered: Hypothyroidic student trying to learn

WOW i never knew hypothyroidism had that effect on people. Both my parents have that and they never told me they having trouble concentrating or learning.

Answered: Tax Credit

Also, if you ITEMIZE you can use Donations as deductions



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