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Asked: Best Romantic-Comedy movie?

I decided that I don't want to watch a scary movie. I want to watch a romantic comedy. If you give me a suggestion, you have to give a little information about that movie... Give as many as you want ...

Asked: What do you think is the best out of these...

Me and my friends are planning to go and see a movie... What do you think is the best out of these... Jennifer's Body Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Love Happens 9

Asked: Windows DVD maker

I am trying to burn a DVD movie on my computer using Windows DVD maker and then I want to watch it on my home DVD player. Can anybody tell me how to do this? Beacuse I can play it back on any computer ...

Asked: Celebrity who act so effortless

I was amaze for those celebrity who act so effortless. Are there any movie stars that didn't undergo to an acting workshop? Or it's just their talent to act so natural?

Asked: Un-rated movie?

Can you give me a good movie that you don't hear too much about?? ..Not an independent movie. Just a movie that is really good.

Answered: Free movie link?

If you're looking for a good site that shows pictures and recaps of current movie reviews, I suggest to visit this top movies site that will give you the latest information of coming soon on movie ...

Answered: What was the best movie every made?

By now.. I guess "Transformers" movie would be the best film of the year. I was amazed in special effects and it has an awesome trailer! For me, Michael Bay is a great director!

Answered: How to play dvix movies.

You can also use a video converter, in case you cannot play the movie that you've downloaded

Answered: A movie inside a movie

I guess you found the answer because the title of the film is "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", I saw this film from DVD! It was not a bad movie, but it's also entertaining.

Commented: About user1000's answer

I agree.. there are many sources, and sometimes you can see the movie first in the internet! You can also check some movie reviews site that gives the latest scoop in top movies, trailers, etc.

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