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Quick to ask, quick to answer. A happy, positive camper here ^_^

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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Right on bones, you would think that all Americans should speak Cherokee and other native American languages when they first moved here. I mean if you follow the line of thinking of the original ...

Answered: What is the bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is supposed to be an area in the Atlantic Ocean that became famous because of the many controversies and mysteries surrounding it like a strong different magnetic field that tends ...

Answered: Part time job without investment get here http ...

When it comes to reliable sites for part time online jobs I think Odesk, Freelance and Fiverr takes the lead. And they are already established sites for remote work. I have not hear any feedback about ...

Answered: Internet Income

You set up a website or a blog, draw in traffic by implementing various strategies, put up advertisement on your site and earn from these advertisement, although it may take you a long time to see any ...

Answered: What to do when a blu ray disc player will only ...

Take it back to the store where you bought it from and have it replace by a working blue ray disc player. In fact, insists on it as it should be covered by their store or manufacturer's warranty.

Answered: Looking for a juicy couture leather handbag style ...

If you are looking for more options when it comes to Juicy Couture bags, why not check this Juicy Couture Daydreamer Tote Bag , it looks so feminine and regal. And the satin side bow completes its ...

Answered: Looks or Performance?

In this time and age, performance is the key in looking for a car. It must be fuel efficient and is environment friendly. A car should also be reliable and can last for many years.

Answered: What to do woth jalapeno peppers once picked?

Jalapeno peppers can be made into pickles. Also try making home made hot sauce.

Answered: What's a breakfast food and drink in ENGLAND?

The full breakfast is popular in England. The full breakfast consists of Black pudding, baked beans and bread. Bacon and eggs are also a favorite, as well as some sausages, and fruits.

Answered: What's Your Favorite Yoghurt?

I like frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt are the best alternative to ice cream,plus they are great with fruits such as blueberries and kiwi.



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