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Asked: Facebook vs. Google+: Whose side are you on?

Do you support Facebook or Google+ in the battle of social networks? Or do you prefer Twitter or another site?

Asked: Your opinion on the phone hacking scandal?

What's your reaction to the phone hacking scandal, involving reporters and private investigators for News of the World snooping on voicemails of politicians, celebrities, families of crime victims ...

Asked: What would you ask Obama?

What would you ask President Obama at the Twitter town hall? (The town hall is about the economy and jobs ... but I imagine he'll get questions about other topics too.)

Asked: Investing in tech IPOs?

Do you think that tech IPOs are a good investment?

Asked: Will Facebook exist in a generation?

TechCrunch asked, "Will our grandchildren be asking what the heck Facebook was someday?" Since some of you have grandchildren who use Facebook, let me rephrase the question -- Will people use ...

Asked: Surprised that Zuck is on Google+?

Are you surprised that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a profile on Google+?

Asked: Saving info online about sexual activities?

Some people save a lot of information about themselves online (in their email, on social networking sites, etc.). But should people save information about their sexual activities?

Asked: Have you heard of Herman Cain?

Herman Cain is up to third in Iowa. Have you heard of him? Do you think he is a good candidate for President?

Asked: Was Chris Hansen caught on hidden camera?

The National Enquirer says it recorded Chris Hansen -- host of NBC's "To Catch a Predator" -- cheating on his wife with Kristyn Caddell, a reporter for a NBC affiliate in Florida. Do you believe the ...

Asked: Is Bachmann rising and Palin falling?

If Michelle Bachmann is doing well in the presidential campaign, does it mean that Sarah Palin's chance of winning is getting smaller?

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Morgan says:
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