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Answered: Who do you think won the first debate?

Romney looked like a rabid dog, lol, and only that. President Obama is poised and dignified. But, Romney does lie well.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Yes. because Romney is a liar.

Commented: About dogsportbcs's answer

LL is still all about being stupid, lol

Commented: About dogsportbcs's answer

Your advice is dangerous, go away

Answered: When is the best time to trim a crabapple tree

I would say fall, and I wish someone would trim mine, lol.

Commented: About dogsportbcs's answer

Lol,now everyone can see LL for what she is, a loser. And, she doesn't know anything about dogs. They live in crates so she doesn't have to train them. She wouldn' know a shock collar if she fell over ...

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