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Love everybody!
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Religious, Minister, Friendly, Happy, non-judgemental, caring,interestsed in people and helping to the degree I can over the computer. I  have two degrees as a pastor and advanced studies in personal studies for counseling as a pastor. I am married to my wife of 53 years and three girls.

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Asked: Who can answer?

Why won't my answers post. Is anyone else having this problem. Sorry I cannot answer any questions and they are really backing up on me. When this gets fixed I will try to answer the many questions ...

Asked: Group Discussion

I go onto a public social discussion group through our web page; please tell me how to connect again.I will try If that isn't right. Pleas advise. Thank you



MrWebster says:
"funguy: It's beginning to look like we might become friends. Your concern is apparent and genuine, I would consider it an honor to be your friend. Regards, MW"
Corrine. says:
"I love your tagline! It is so true :)"
Nanadee says:
"hi funguy...i love your post and answers...youreally seem like a nice person to talk to and congrauation on your long marriage...that is a breath of fresh air....i too would rather have a bible than a cell phone....welcome to sound like your are a fresh breeze to yedda site....God bless you and family.....nanadee"
SamanthaD says:
"Thank You Fun Guy. Your words were helpful. I am working the situation now not sure yet how it will end. My best to you. "
Timesoftrouble says:
"For eighteen years the words of God through KJ have become my home that has brought me out of this world, therefore genuine brothers in heart with God as my heartbeat are my life. So I say thank you for your words of friendship."