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There is no better guide through darkness then your own balance
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I live in a 200 years old log cabin like house deep in the medieval mountain region of Emmental in Switzerland. I am a thinker, love coffee and cake and have long talks with my lap and with the world.
Topics are the mysteries in physics, prehistory, esoterics.

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Morgan says:
"You have a good mind that is for sure. I wish I were able to understand the way you do but with all my reading I still am not up to snuff in that area. Magnetic Fields fascinate me and I can understand why Einstein wanted them left alone. Quantum Physics is another area I truly enjoy best book I read was "The Holographic Universe" it explains so much. Good to have you on Yedda. Have been to Switzerland what a gorgeous country. What a wonderful way to live. Lady Darko"
n says:
"gunter, in many ways you and I think alike. I am happy to have found you on AOLanswers."
Shuddupandkissme says:
"You must have an AWESOME view of the nightsky. I live on a lake and can see from one horizon to the other...especially when I walk around the point on our property...I've even fallen down a few times because I wasn't watching where I was walking. Have you ever seen the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster? There IS something out there...physically and spiritually. I'm a believer. Happy Holidays, Gunter. Sincerely, Faye"
Rocmike3 says:
"It is good that you take an interest in science. Orderly thought comes naturally to the rugged Swiss: that is where Einstein published General and Special Relativity -- masterpieces of theoretical physics. It must be heaven to be within a stone's throw of CERN near Geneva. And as for Ementaller cheese, it is still my favorite."
Articus2 says:
"Emmental Switzerland sounds so beautiful a great place.I'm sure to think about this worlds mysteries. :)"