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Asked: Susan Boyle's semi-final song

What do you think of Susan Boyle's performance of "Memory" (from Cats) on Britain's Got Talent?

Answered: New Moon poster

Thanks for the fast response. Hmm, not bad. Do you think it's the real deal? (I'm not a regular reader of Perez Hilton ... so I'm not sure how reliable he's been.)

Asked: New Moon poster

Have you seen the New Moon poster yet? I know it's not officially coming out for a few more hours ... but I'm curious if it's already online.

Answered: Isn't Yedda the name of the old lady related to ...

Maybe she is answering the questions! Actually, it turns out her name was Yetta . Though I think Fran may have pronounced it "Yedda."

Answered: What part of Brooklyn is where dom delouise was ...

Dom DeLuise grew up in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. (I'm not sure whether he was born in Bensonhurst.)

Answered: Music

Sure. Several sixth-place finishers in previous years have released albums ... and at least one of them, Kellie Pickler, has been very successful.

Answered: Singer susan boyle

If you want to hear an earlier performance by Susan Boyle, here's "Cry Me a River," a song that she recorded for a charity album in 1999.

Asked: Susan Boyle

Do you think Susan Boyle will be a star like Paul Potts (a previous contestant on Britain's Got Talent)? Here's a video of her singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables:

Asked: Celebrities on Twitter

Which celebrities / famous people do you follow on Twitter? (Or maybe you're not on Twitter, but enjoy reading the tweets of a celebrity.)

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