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Asked: Delete additional usernames

delete additional usernames

Asked: KBK Infotech Are you offering refunds on computer ...

KBK Infotech Are you offering refunds on computer products bought from you online?

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Getting an agent is harder than writing a script. Time to begin looking for one. Thanks.

Asked: Script submissions.

Robert Halmi Productions How does one submit scripts to RH Productions?

Answered: Email sender list doesn't show senders.

I'mstill trying to find out why suddenly my email bar does not show the sender but shows other functions. I did as suggested, right clicking on a heading but only got the standard drop down, not one ...

Commented: About AOLMailMat's answer

I'm using IE browser. When I right click a heading, the regular, standard page comes up, no drop down with a reset column to click.

Answered: The FROM has gone from the mail toolbar, only ...

Right clicking doesn't bring up a reset column, just the regular right click menu. My default browser is Internet Explorer.

Commented: About AOLMailMat's answer

I think it's AOL software. Where can I check to make sure it's not a web browserf?

Commented: About AOLMailMat's answer

I right clicked and no reset column came up

Answered: How do i get the sender's email address to show ...

WhenI open my email the mail bar only shows Message and date, no From, no way to tell who sent the email until I open the message up.


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