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Answered: Are You a Positive Thinker?

I am an optimist, positive thinking is good for health.

Answered: Can someone recommend a software that allows you ...

This one has this option but it's not free -

Answered: How do i share my screen?

You can do it with teamviewer. Type it in google, it's a free app.

Answered: Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Articles and Press releases. With them you get backlinks and, if you write interesting stuff, visitor to your website.

Answered: I work but my husband doesnt. he chooses this ...

I think it's time to go to psychologist, counseling for married couples. They can give you best advice.

Answered: Strange Sign

I can not be much of a help about the meaning, but most of the reality is invisible to human eyes, and for most of minds. In your place i would start seeking into invisible.

Answered: Looking for a sponsor

Go to archive here and you can be sponsored by teaching for free. Lot about getting finances.

Answered: Who does the Jews pray and revere in their ...

They pray to what they think is god, and revere their priests. They have picture of old testament bible God, but they wait for better Messiah than Jesus :(

Answered: What is the study called for people who go to look ...

That is a kind of spiritism.

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