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Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

We haven't been together for long... I've yet to know him. And thank you your answer is a real good help. He did get angry once but on the fact that i told him i don't like it when he spends money on ...

Asked: How do men usually act if they are really in ...

How do men usually act if they are really in love? It shouldn't be all related to sex or being sexually attracted and sending love kisses every time a girl gets a message is it?? Whats "care" in a ...

Commented: About OronD's answer

What sort of hard work do i have to do upon myself. Please help me out?

Commented: About OronD's answer

Dos that mean I'm going to lose him too???

Asked: Since I've had so many disappointments in life ...

Since I've had so many disappointments in life i can't settle down in a relationship. Even if h says he loves me, i don't seem to trust him or say that back to him even if i want to. Whats wrong with ...

Commented: About Grey owl's answer

Loved your answer...thank you!

Commented: About n's answer

I agree actually but I'm an Asian and i have restrictions to taking personal decisions of my life. That's culture here. I feel so unlucky at times. But God has to spare me for my mistakes. And forgive ...

Commented: About n's answer

Wow ! Thank you. I really wish God would give me enough faith to get all the blessings i could get through these prayers. Please do continue praying for me. And many blessings for u too. :)

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Thank you again. That was kind of you to say. Best wishes to you too.


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