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Answered: Physics

-- Increase the area of the 'plates'. -- Bring the plates closer together.

Answered: Physics

Energy dissipated (heat) = (current through it, squared) times (resistance). Equivalent, for other situations: Energy dissipated (heat) = (voltage across it, squared) divided by (resistance)

Answered: What is the bright star following the moons orbit

I don't know what "following the moon's orbit" means. But I'm guessing that you're seeing an unusually bright star-like object that's rising in the east right around sunset, and is nice and high in ...

Answered: Help with my math homework!!!!

Well, if you had included the answer you have, then we could have told you whether you're correct. Saying that you have the answer but not saying what it is kind of makes us wonder. Hmmm. 10 is 20 ...

Answered: Did the Man really land on the moon?

We're not sure which man you're referring to. But yes, there have been a total of twelve (12) Apollo astronauts who landed on the moon, got out of their landing vehicle, moved around on the moon's ...

Answered: Was there a soviet launch vehicle explosion ...

Yes. A Russian rocket loaded with supplies headed for the International Space Station (and for the crew of people presently aboard it) crashed shortly after launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in ...

Answered: WHAT IS 600 + 5% ?

5% = 0.05 600 + 5% = 600.05 5% more than 600 is (600 x 1.05) = 630.

Answered: Why is it so hot on earth is it related to solar ...

Bistrogal needs to get out of her shell more often. First of all ... is it really "so hot on Earth" ? As soon as I read this question, I looked up today's highest temperature in a few cities: In ...

Answered: How many square yards is 17 ft by 27 feet

1 square yard = 9 square feet 17-ft x 27-ft = 459 square feet = 51 square yards



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