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Asked: Is Russel Hantz the Favorite on Survivor:Samoa?

Are you rooting for Russel Hantz? When did you start liking him? Who is your favorite to win Surviovor:Samoa?

Asked: RDJ says Sherlock Holmes Gay

RDJ says Sherlock Holmes and Watson were "partners" in every sens of the word. Would this change your mind about seeing the movie? What do you think about gay couples in PG13 movies?

Asked: True Blood: Werewolf or Vampire?

True Blood Sookie Stackhouse will have a new love interest on season three: the werewolf Alcide Herveax. Which do you think is better, a werewolf or a vampire? Should she go for Bill or Alcide?

Asked: Kevin Jonas marries Daniella

Kevin Jonas marries Daniella. Congratz! What would you like to say to the newly weds? Share your best wishes.

Asked: Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death

What do you think caused Brittany Murphy to die at her young age? Why did she have to go?

Asked: What are the latest celebrity workouts?

What are the latest celebrity workouts? Are there any good celebrity exercise DVDs?

Asked: Should they replace Steve-O?

Steve-O was the 3rd contestant in this season’s Dancing with the Stars to be injured and pull out. Should he be replaced? CREDIT: ABC

Asked: Brooke on a pole?

Is it weird that Brooke Hogan performed a pole dance on stage with her dad Hulk Hogan watching? CREDIT: John Parra/

Asked: Are you surprised Jasmine is out?

Did you expect Jasmine to be eliminated so early on American Idol? Was she that bad?

Asked: Will Adam win Idol?

Is Adam Lambert a sure thing to win this year’s American Idol?