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Asked: Pictures of van johnson visiting vietnam vets ...

pictures of van johnson visiting vietnam vets in japan hospital he visited my now deceased disabled Vietnam Vet duting the War and pictures where taken

Asked: Who invented Playscape building toys?

who invented Playscape building toys?

Asked: MrBubbles Turtle

Mr Bubbles magic bazoo turtle

Answered: He didn't tell me that he has a kid. What should I ...

He definitely should have told you about the child from the beginning - honesty is the most important thing do you know there aren't more things he's not telling you? You should confront him ...

Asked: I'm looking to purchase green drinking glasses ...

I'm looking to purchase green drinking glasses made in Spain/Mexico that have molded finger grips ( for 4 fingers- not thumb) - toward bottom of glass

Answered: How can i write to gavin mac leod

I will write again with an update (i.e. if my letter is thank you!!

Asked: How can i write to gavin mac leod

how can i write to gavin mac leod

Answered: Credit Card Debt

Armand, you basically gave the same advice I suggested - He said he has a new job making half his previous salary! Yes, bankruptcy does hurt your credit for about 7 years but, you can learn to live ...

Answered: Credit Card Debt

You may have to consider bankruptcy..there's different "chapters" and you can still keep your car and house most of the time - for this, you need a lawyer-most of them will take payments over a few ...

Answered: Credit Card Debt

you may have to consider bankruptcy..your credit will be cut but you will be able to start over again and stay within your financial means. There are many places that can negotiate with the creditors ...

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