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Answered: Gas going up!???

Hi, I agree with you. You have raised some important points. I am pretty fed up with the way things are going. It's come to the point where everyone has a hidden interest and nothing is done for the ...

Answered: Gas going up!???

I think there might be something to that but what interest does the government have in doing this.

Answered: Store manager

Hi Yedda is a free Q&A site but it isn't really a job finding site. There are many sites on the internet that are meant for people looking for jobs. I suggest you take a look at this site for ...

Answered: What kind of cancer did Peter Emil Piche have ...

I found a person of this name who died during his army service. This is his memorial page:

Answered: Why is my tooth and face sensative to cold after 6 ...

When doing a root canal you are basicaly causing some serious trauma to nerves in the area. It takes time for nerves to recover from such a trauma. If this persists I suggest you call your dentist ...

Answered: Urinary system

It depends on the situation of the person. If he is dehyrated the body will conserve fluids and it will take longer for the fluid to accumulate. If not he will go to the bathroom sooner rather than ...

Answered: Cstore A good cigarette inventory sheet

Hi, Sorry but I coundn't quite understand the question. Are you looking for such a spread sheet?

Answered: Why is vitamin C anti ageing?

In general it stops human tissue from being oxydised. This is one of the processes that cause aging.

Answered: How old have i got to be ?

You can operate a business but you might need an asult to sign for you on certain matters. In general you need to be 18 to be able to do everything on your own.

Answered: Leggs shaving

I think guys should put more emphasis on important issues. It seems to me like some sort of obsession with the way you look.


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