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Asked: What's your choice of comfort food?

Which food can actually make YOU feel better?

Asked: How to serve ground beef to a toddler?

What would you give a kid that doesn't use utensils yet?

Asked: Standing in line for a free breakfast

How long would you be willing to stand in line for a free breakfast?

Answered: BP in 2nd trimester and pain below right ribcage

Your BP sounds ok. Follow to make sure it's not running high compared to the latest reading. Rib pains are very common, and usually indicates the growing of the womb and the changes in the area which ...

Answered: Molar pregnancy and menstrual cycle

When you're on the pill, your period is not really a "period" in the sense that your womb is getting rid of the preparation for the egg. Rather it's a (usually) lighter bleeding because of the change ...

Answered: Can a pregnancy test come up positive the morning ...

Only if you were pregnant 14 days before and were not aware of it. If this is the only chance you've had of conceiving, the home test wouldn't be able to give you a reading.

Answered: How soon can i find out if i am pregnant is 2 ...

It's two weeks at least after conception. Most women don't know exactly when they conceived, so it's usually about two weeks after, or when their period runs late. At any rate, a home test would need ...

Answered: Can u get pregnant if u have unprotected sex in ...

You might. Make sure you have other means of protection till the end of the month, but take the rest of the pills as directd (do NOT take the pill you forgot. Throw it away). After you have completed ...

Answered: Could I be pregnant?

If your calculations are correct, the HPT should have shown pregnancy by now. I suggest you ask for a blood test, to show bHCG levels. It's really the best way to know if you are or not.

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