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Answered: Which is larger, one fourth or two sevenths?

1/4 is .25, and 2/7 is .285714285714 on and on. So what do you think?

Answered: How to make your book light up?

Needs clarification...If your in the dark....Lighter or matches are a must...

Answered: What has a long memory?

Dell, Apple, Packard, or really some lucky hubbie's wife who remembers everthing, and that does suck!!!

Answered: How to stop preschoolers from spitting?

Blow pepper in the direction of their face, and they will be doing so much sneezing they will forget about the above problem....

Answered: How to insert a word in a sentence?

There was a problem at the (insert) House. A) White, B) Homie's, C) Crackhead's, D) Your's Just, INSERT your choice above, that is how you do it!!!!

Answered: How do you spell the other so?

here's the other so.......so-so, and one more "so" for the thought.

Answered: What to give your best girlfriend on her 50th ...

Just like an old car, and you trade that one in for a new one. Well, my man trade her in on "2" 25 year old ladies, and at your age, if you happen to pass out or fall asleep, and they will have each ...

Answered: What other pets go along with 2 dogs in the ...

One cat, and there will be a good, joyous time in the house today....

Answered: Why are outside light not allowed on in us ...

When they say lights out, and they mean it. You don't have the time to ask questions. Number 1 rule you never question authority. Number 2 rule, see rule Number 1.

Answered: What is $1997.10 divided by 21?

$1997.10 divided by 21 = $95.10.....Pay 'em all!!!!



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