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I am a game lover. I like playing all kinds of online games. If you are fond of game too, maybe we could be good friends. I’d like to share my happiness in games with you. I’m looking forward to you. From

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Answered: Where can I kill dogs on Runescape?

There are 3 places that I know of where you can kill dogs. 1. McGrubber's wood north west of Seer's Village. 2. The mansion east of Ardougne Square. 3. Wild Dogs in Brimhaven Dungeon (Requires ...

Answered: Does any veterans know how to make a Clan War in ...

1. Create a runescape account in Runescape. 2. Make a clan and a clan name by clicking the bottom center section by your inventory and clicking "clan setup". 3. Go to Varrock. 4. Bring some ...

Asked: What are flesh crawlers in runescape?

Runescape gamers may know what I am talking about, where would I find them…?

Answered: How to finish the tasks which is supplied for ...

The tasks are specialized for green hand. Here are some guides maybe can give you a hand. 1. Here you haven’t to practice your level with your runescape accounts cheap , just do as the ...

Answered: What is Runescape?

I have played this game for a long time(since 2007), maybe I can give you some ideas about this game. 1 It was the game that introduced me to MMOs in the first place. It is free to play if you have a ...

Commented: About Cherrie Wang's answer

WOW, it is useful for runescape newbie.

Answered: What should pay attention to battle Ice Titans in ...

Battle with Ice Tians begins when you defeated General Khazard in quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat. He teleports away and steps forward and calls for General Khazard to disclose himself. Lucien ...

Asked: What are Experiments in runescape?

I don’t know why player train on them, are they necessary? Can anyone help me play?

Commented: About Cherrie Wang's answer

Gold plays an important role in runescape, your answer is useful for newbies.


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