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I am a huge geek. I love new toys like cell phones, computers, and iPad's. I love spending hours getting lost in Wikipedia and filling my brain with new knowledge. I also like bird watching, long walks on the beach, eating with friends and family, talking to people over a cup of joe, and old Budweiser commercials (you know the ones with the frogs?).

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Asked: Is Otterbox case released for Galaxy Note?

Is Otterbox case released for Galaxy Note?

Asked: When will be the Galaxy S3 launch date?

I am waiting for galaxy S3. It seems it has decent spec with new functions. Anyone have rough idea about its release time?

Answered: Galaxy Note "How to Fly"-where can I download an ...

You can download the manual below

Asked: Galaxy Note Now? or wait for iPhone 5?

My cell phone contract is over and I am going to get new phone soon. I am thinking 3 options first, Samsung Glaxy Note (already released) 2nd, Samsung Galaxy S3 (Not released) 3rd, iPhone 5 (Not ...

Answered: Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4

Yes I recommand otterbox case as your first choice. It is very study and solid.

Answered: What would you prefer, and ipad or samsung galaxy ...

I will definitely get recent galaxy tab like Galaxy tab 8.9. Reason: You can run any types of movies but iPad runs only MP4. Adobe flash works only on Galaxy tab. Also, Galaxy tab 8.9 is available ...

Answered: IPhone 4s or iPhone 5?

I will definitely wait for iPhone 5. I think it will come out next year with larger screen with LTE. Also, many other useful new functions. There is no practical changes between iPhone 4 and 4S.

Answered: Cell phone to cell phone copy

If you have iphone, you can transfer over itune. Or, some phones have contact export function, so if you can check up those functionality as well if you want to do it by yourself. But easiest way is ...

Asked: Are landlines obsolete?

Are landlines obsolete?

Answered: Iverizon wireless-- I have a 30 day old 4g lte ...

Maybe you have something that is interrupting the signal? Often times metal or magnetic pieces will cause disruptions in the signal. This can be found in some types of cell phone accessories such as ...


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