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Answered: What wine is served with rock cornish hens

I would suggest a light red dinner wine. However, you should drink whatever you prefer with the dish and don't be intimidated by wine "rules" or by wine snobs.

Answered: How much is a 20 year old bottle of suntory ...

Whiskey neither improves nor deteriorates in quality when stored in a cool dry place. Therefore, the value of the bottle has not necessarily increased significantly over time.

Answered: Sale by the drink in Oklahoma on election days

All state laws and Attorney General opinions regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages in Oklahoma can be found at

Answered: How to beat nc abc violation , employee sold to a ...

Police stings use underage persons who look much older, send them in at busy times, and use other tactics to snare people who unintentionally sell alcoholic beverages illegally. It's essentially ...

Answered: When was the sale of beer legalized

The sale of beer in the U.S. again became legal on April 7, 1933 as National Prohibition came to an end after almost 14 years. However, Repeal did not make the sale of beer legal in those states that ...

Asked: Absinthe

Is absinthe sold in every state of the US?

Commented: About rochester's answer

Thanks- I found more helpful information at this website on MADD:

Asked: Who is Candy Lightner?

Who is Candy Lightner?

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