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Answered: Wordpress and Blogger?

I had this same question as you 3weeks ago and I must be honest, I used blogger and when I first looked at WP it just looked like too much to learn!! But, my dearest husband bought me 3 books on it ...

Answered: Where can i find jewellery stands to organise my ...

Hi, i bought all mine from ebay Much cheaper than all the other shops I have been at! Good Luck Dee @ HoneyUK

Answered: Is it safe to buy jewellery online?

Hi Jane, I find it save to buy jewellery online. However I do not always feel so save wearing my genuine jewels when on holiday. To buy substitutes for my holidays I tend to visit ...

Answered: Buy costume jewelry

There are so many placed these days to buy costume jewellery. My favourite one stop shop for all evening accessories is . I rate it as the best costume jewellery uk online shops ...


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