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dance as if nobody's looking To view my website:
About Elinoar Moore:

I live in Israel .
My goal is to share my knowledge of Middle Eastern and general cooking.

I contributed recipes and answers on regular basis to other sites
My food blog:- 


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Answered: How could anyone still eat McDonalds food after ...

to each his own taste

Answered: Super Easy Vegan Recipes

Answered: Do you know anything about a vegan diet?

I will suggest to consult a doc since this diet lack other products your body needs ...

Answered: Can the vegetarian mousaka be frozen? If I am ...

when preparing the dish its amount to 4 or 6, right? preparing for more, multiply it by 2. I can answer the freezing question providing I will know what ingredients you use. ...

Answered: What company makes chickpeas hummus?

Answered: Comparable cheese

Cheddar also look here

Answered: Teaching Children to Eat Vegetables

I never force my children to eat anything they didnt like. and today they eat vriety of stuff. I think forcing children to eat is horrible. Children as children are dont like veggies, and when they ...

Answered: What to serve with crown pork roast

Its a matter of taste. I'd go with white rice or mushed potato. Sweet potato with chili sauce etc Dumplings can also go well with this dish. here's some link and great recipe ...


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