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About Elinoar Moore:

I live in Israel .
My goal is to share my knowledge of Middle Eastern and general cooking.

I contributed recipes and answers on regular basis to other sites
My food blog:- 


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Answered: What does "pho hoa" mean? It's the name of a ...

has some meanings. its a vietnamese reastaurant indeed with chains all over the US and canada. it means health choice and it is also a noodles soup :-) ...

Answered: Banana Leather and dried bananas

you can make dried bananas but no leather http ...

Answered: Where to find wonton strip toppers for salad you can buy online if you dont have in your area .......... even here ...

Answered: Szechuan stir fry sauce I am looking for a ... Have no isea regarding the brand you redering to, however this is a good sauce....... 2 tablsp vegetable oil 2 tablsp ...

Answered: How to make the best buttered noodles? follow package instrucions.......... Drain noodles, then return to pot. Add butter and heat over low heat, tossing gently

Answered: How to cook clams and chicken? 2 tablespoons olive oil About 1 cup all?purpose flour for dredging Salt, and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1 ...

Answered: Presimmon recipes

Answered: How far is it from jerusalem to moshav mazor?

47 Km

Answered: 200 grams in make into kilograms is what

ignore the cups, that was mentioned in regarging to cups in Kilogram

Answered: 200 grams in make into kilograms is what

200 GR = 5 CUPS // 7.05 oz // 0.44 pound // 1000 carats:-)


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