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Answered: Canon 5D Mark II ??

I went through the same thing... I really wanted the "new 5D", so much that I also went ahead with the Nikon D300, because it was the closest you could get to the spec of the imaginary new 5D. But ...

Answered: If I already have updated my Net Frame to 2.0, do ...

It's best to keep it. Some .NET applications may rely specifically on version 1.1. Since all versions of .NET can live "side by side" (meaning, simultaneously in the same machine), there is no harm in ...

Answered: I-Phone - When is the New One Coming Out?

Unconfirmed rumors indicate June as the release date.

Answered: How to sync windows mobile 6 to google calendar

I'm not sure if there is a way to do direct synchronizations between them. However, you could do this indirectly by synchronizing your Outlook Calendar with the Google Calendar (using the Google ...

Answered: What is the best methodology or best practice ...

You need to make sure that every access to any page on the original site responds with a HTTP 301 response ("Moved Permanently"), pointing to the corresponding page on the new site. Tool - depending ...

Answered: Problems with Canon A85

This is most likely dirt on the lens or a problem with the CCD. It has nothing to do with ISO or F. Take a good look at the lens. If it seems clean, you might want to give to a technician to estimate ...

Answered: What kind of web design do you like most ...

It really depends on what the application is about. If it's for casual use, I prefer the cleaner, less cluttered, don't-make-me-think approach often labeled "Web 2.0". If it's a service where I will ...

Answered: Can I use flash movie to execute a javascript ...

Yes, though different flash hosting environments may limit this. For the gory details, check out Using the External API for Flash–JavaScript Communication .

Answered: How do you configure Twitter to work within FB?

It's quite simple, there is a Twitter facebook application, add it and you're done:

Answered: Best practices for moving blog to a new address?

I'm not sure if it's possible to preserve your Technorati ranking - they do have a mini-guide on the topic of moving a blog to a new URL, but it doesn't address the ranking issue: Technorati FAQ: My ...



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