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Answered: I used to really really love this girl but she ...

As you say it, the words (used to) I say to you, yesterday was the past, today is a gift because it’s the present so make the most of it by focusing on whatever makes you happy, tomorrow is the ...

Answered: How do I ask a guy to semi without actually asking ...

Ok Laura I’m going to assume that you mean asking this guy out, without asking him face to face. There is a lot of ways in which to ask someone out giving all the technology we have today, but I still ...

Answered: Poem: I Wanna Make Love

No because it sounds so sad and true, I hope you find the love for you.

Answered: Love, Is Love Simple And Pure

It's really sad to say that some love can be difficult, deceitful, draining, and degrading it’s true but the best one to have is the simple, pure, and true love for each other.

Answered: We love each other alot but my parents are ...

They say that love is blind, may your parents see something you can't see. Search your heart and your soul maybe you'll find the answer there that is best for you. I hope the last decision will be ...

Answered: A man want to feel relax in his own home

Haaaa that is so sweet, I’m sure your husband does appreciate it all, thank you very much for that.

Answered: Scared of Love

Sometime it’s because of past experience and they are afraid of getting hurt with a lot of insecurities that they are battling with.

Answered: How to know if the relationship is over while he ...

You will know the relationship is over by the signs and feeling you‘ll will get within the relationship when you both want different thing and you’re heading in different direction with no care for ...

Answered: How can you tell when you truly 100% love ...

To be in love with someone is like eating your favourite plate of food that leaves you feeling full and satisfied not wanting of anything else regardless of what else is on the menu, and that’s just ...

Answered: Oprah's New Chapter!

'Oprah's Next Chapter' will be I am bless, I am bless, everyday of my life I am bless, when I wake up in the morning still I lay my head to rest, I am bless I am bless.

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