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Answered: Impounded cars for sale?

The easiest way to get the information on the auctions is to contact local police department with a request and they will at least let you know who to contact to get the detailed information on ...

Answered: What companies make Air Powered Cars?

WOW! I thought this was some kind of fiction, but as I can see they are sold in Europe already. Looks funky, but costs 3500 Euros which is about $5000 i think. We also need some water cars too. There ...

Answered: Redundant questions

There must be some administration/moderation, that will be based on reader's reports and similar wording. If the questions have over some percentage of similar words or reported as such, the moderator ...

Answered: Wheelie help in Need for Speed Pro Street

arts setup, suspension must be stage 3 or 4, suspension settings all stiff, ride height mid to low. rear tire pressure mid to low engine cam timing retard, boost high, nos pressure high ...

Answered: Why are laws always written in a vague ...

Sure, there is a hidden agenda there.The laws are written in precise terms that are hard to understand if you read mostly comics and sometimes the newspaper. The hidden agenda is there to make you ...


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