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These go to Eleven.
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Hi, I'm John, I am interested in all types of gadgets. from smart phones to TV's. My passion is in Cinema systems/Audio Equipment.

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Answered: Television

In my house hold I have got 2 large TV's, In my lounge I have got a 42 inch Plasma made by Pioneer, I bought it as a birthday present to myself and spent a lot of money on it. Since then TV's have ...

Answered: Stupid Laptop!

Yes, have no fear. If you cant get into the desktop then remove the hard drive and plug it into a USB multi hard drive reader. Then plug the USB end into another computer. The computer will create a ...

Answered: Facebook

I am pretty sure this means that they are already a friend of yours or that you need to be a friend of a friend to be able to send a friend request.

Answered: Laptop memory

I totally agree with Kristal, I have bought similar Strontium memory and was very pleased. I would say though it also depends how much your upgrading to because my girlfriends laptop came with 2GB as ...

Answered: What are the best laptop headphones?

My Beats by Dr Dre headphones are the best purchase i have made in years! The sound quality and Bass is amazing! these can be used on a laptop but if you want smaller "in your ear" headphones then ...


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