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Answered: Is string a value type or a reference type?

It is a reference type. knowledge base software

Answered: How do I send the same email to every one of my ...

While you send email, you can have the option called CC and BCC option, which lets you to send it to more than 1 recipient. knowledge base software

Answered: I want to cancel my oreder placed last night orde ...

You have to contact the respective companies customer service department and do the same. you have to cancel the order within the shipping period. knowledge base software

Answered: How to print when there is no print icon

you can use a short cut key Ctrl + P to print any files. knowledge base software

Answered: What is a ssdi on computer

SSID- Service Set Identifier. It is the name of a wireless local area network (WLAN). All wireless devices on a WLAN must employ the same SSID in order to communicate with each other. knowledge base ...

Answered: Who can speak at school board meeting?

May be the Teachers , School Pupil Leaders and the class leaders. knowledge base software

Answered: How to Manage a Company's Reputation

Key things to manage a company' reputation will be: 1.Preserve and protect your brand 2.Defend and repair your reputation knowledge base software

Answered: What is wrong with this link http://www ...

I am requesting you to re structure the URL and try again.Because now a days these types of URL's will not perform well as per seo perspective and the search engine wont like this too. knowledge base ...

Answered: How safe is dragging and dropping files to a ...

It is very easy to drag and drop the files in general. But make sure you dont loose the files. knowledge base software

Answered: Best Time of Year to buy Laptop

You can buy it in festival seasons like new year eve, Christmas etc. price will be bit lower while comparing to the normal season. knowledge base software



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